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  • False Lash Application Tips

    Wedding season is around the corner and with the current economic crunch, a few of you may decide to beat your own faces instead of going to a makeup artist. No makeup look is complete without lashes. Here are some tips to get you started

    Good Lashes
    Your lash application is only as good as the lashes you use. Say no to synthetic lashes and yes to human hair or mink lashes. Mink lashes are more expensive so if you are on a budget you might want to skip those. However you can get strip lashes for as low as N850 and you can use them up to 20 - 30 times with proper care
    Strong Glue
    The last thing you need is your lashes to blow away when you are busy trying to turn up. I recommend duo lash glue or Calla lashes.


    Bend Those Lashes

    Before applying form a semi circle with your lashes for a few seconds this will help it adhere better to the natural shape of your eyes
    Try it on for Size
    Just like you would your clothes, before you put on your lashes, hold it against your eyes to make sure the lashes are not too big or too small. if they are too big, just cut off the excess if they are too small, apply the lashes from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner and apply mascara on the lashes that are not covered by the strip lashes
    Glue Application
    When applying the lash glue, apply it on the edge of the lash band and not under the lashes
    Don't be stingy with the glue
    Apply the glue generously at the edges of the lashes this will ensure that the lash is firmly in place
    Tweezers are your friend
    They are good for removing the lashes from the case and also applying them to your lashes
    Start from the middle
    When applying your lashes place it in the middle of your lash line, let it stick then push in the edges. You can hold the lash down for 10 - 20 seconds before letting go
    Dont' Forget to Blink
    Make sure the lashes are comfortable, remove any excess glue and ensure they look as natural as possible
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